Join Neighborhood Watch – 2017


To Join the HOA Neighborhood Watch click here and fill out the required information.

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that stresses education and common sense. It teaches citizens how to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. In addition, it provides citizens with the opportunity to make their neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life.

Block Captains are key to an outstanding Neighborhood Watch Program. The Block Captains meet with new residents to explain the Neighborhood Watch Program. These volunteers provide residents with up-to-date information about criminal activity in our community. We have an email distribution system that enables us to easily notify you about any problems in the Village or local area.

Tellico Village has two fine Sheriff’s departments protecting our neighborhoods. Both Sheriff Tim Guider of Loudon County and Sheriff Tommy Jones of Monroe County welcome your calls concerning suspicious activity.

But remember, the most important part of any neighborhood watch program is you and your neighbor watching out for one another. If you are not yet a part of the Neighborhood Watch Program, make sure you contact your Block Captain today.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact Wayne Williamson, HOA Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, at (865) 458-4425 or


Neighborhood Captains Phone Area
Open Position

(865) 458-4425 Chatuga Coves
Cheeyo, Doya, Saloli, Yona
Dale Blanton

(865) 657-0941 Chatuga Point 
Bokoshe Circle, Chatuga, Kiyuga, Ogana, Tsuhdatsi, Waynoka, Utsesti, Linden Lane, Willow Oak Circle
Rich Lierman

(865) 408-1471 Chota Hills 1

Alichanoska, Chahyga, Chota View Courts, Gigi, Kawga, Kolana, Ootsima, Sasa, Wahuhu, Waleia, Wataga

Shari West

(865) 307-2683 Chota Hills 2
Awohili, Chota (Hills, Shores) Hiawassee
Marilyn Hill

(865 )408-0402 Chota Shores
Agowa, Chaloni, Daloga, Kawonu
Harmon & Anna Towne

(865) 458-2568 Coyatee Coves & Hills
Okema, Osage, Seminole, Shawnee, Sioux, Skiatook, Coyatee Drive North
Jerry & Nancy Campbell

(865) 458-0861 Coyatee Shores
Coweta Court, Coyatee(View, Court, Circle, Coves) Coyatee Point Dr., Coyatee Shores (Trace, Drive)
Open Position

(865) 458-4425 Chota Landing
Chota (Landing, View Trace, Way, Drive)
Don Freeman

(865) 414-6990 Mialaquo Coves
Dudala, Gado, Gadusi, Inagehi, Kanutsu, Mialaquo
Open Position

(865) 458-4425 Mialaquo Point
Elohi, Igoti, Noya, Nuhya, Odali, Ookedaliya, Oologilia, Oonolehi, Oostagala (Dr., Pt., Pl., Ln., Tr.)
Bette Purvis

(865) 458-8070 Tanasi Coves
Piute, Tanasi, Tecumseh, Waynoka, Tanasi (Cr., Wy., Tr., Ct., Ln., Pl.)
Kenn Genge

(865) 458-5710 Tanasi Greens 1
Kenosha, Owosso, Tahlequah Drive, Vinita, Wewoka Circle, Wewoka Way, Wewoka Lane
Mitzi Caldwell

(865) 458-9612 Tanasi Greens 2
Tahlequah Lane
Dennis Braidwood

(865) 657-9360 Tanasi Hills
Atoka, Nowata, Ottawa, Pocola, Wapiti, Zion (Ridge & Church) Roads, Mt. Zion
Dick and Susan Hussey

(865) 408-9281 Tanasi Lagoon
Caddo, Oktana, Tanasi Lagoon
Joanne Wiklund

(865) 657-9513 Tanasi Point
Catoosa, Okmulgee, Quapaw, Tanasi View
Bettie Smartt

(865) 408-1541 Tanasi Shores 1
Depew, Erick, Inola, Mingo, Nicoma
Susan DeSanto

(865) 458-0739 Tanasi Shores 2
Keota, Kiowa, Konawa, Oogookoo, Sequoyah Road, Sunali, Todaly Circle
Open Position

(865) 458-4425 Kahite

All Streets

Jack & Sheila Kelly

(865) 408-9320 Tommotley Coves
Chickasaw, Chippewa, Eufaula, Huron, Miami, Oneida, Santee, Spavinaw, Tommotley, Wakita
Bev Powell


Charlotte Johnson (BackUp)

(865) 408-1365



(865) 408-0991

Tommotley Shores
Canali, Cayuga, Gusti, Iroquois, Mohawk, Seneca, Tuscarora, Washita
Martha Scruggs

(865) 458-0810 Toqua Coves
Amega, Amohi, Chogi, Elokwa, Oonoga
Casey Kelly

(865) 458-1928 Toqua Greens
Agoli, Chanusi, Choowa,Daksi, Ogleheli, Paoli, Toqua Greens, Uhdali
Open Position

(865) 458-4425  Toqua Point 1  
Geya, Saligugi, Tigitsi
Open Position

(865) 458-4425 Toqua Hills 1
Oohleeno, Talah, Toqua Club
Shirley Graham

(865) 458-7919 Toqua Hills 2
Peg Opiteck

865-458-9704 Toqua Hills 3
Kawatuska, Oligi, Oostanali
Lance Lyons

(865) 405-3151 Toqua Point 2

Doostoo, Kanoonoo, Walosi

Bob Treece

(865) 458-8722 Toqua Shores 1
Cheeskogili, Inata
Gretchen Kitchen

(865) 408-0334 Toqua Shores 2
Toweeka, Tuhdegwa
Perry Anthony

(865) 458-9149  Toqua Shores 3
Jerry & Alice Williams

(865) 458-2973 Toqua Shores 4