The HOA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who are nominated and elected by its membership at the HOA general meeting in November of each year.

The HOA Board is made up of an Executive Council and Standing Committee Chairs. In addition, there are liaison representatives from the Friends of the Library and the New Villagers Club. These representatives have the same responsibilities as members of the HOA Executive Council and the Standing Committee Chairs.

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Executive Council
President Sue English-Kovar (847)-565-9030
Vice President of Programs Ellen Fox  (865)-657-3517
FaceBook Admin

Newsletter Editors


Ellen Frohriep

Joe Beyel

Jerry Fox

Vice President of Membership

Membership Chair

Dave Flanagan

Bill Baxter

(865) 440-4328


Vice President of Social Activities


Social Activity Assistant

Diane Delgouffre


Bobbi Taylor

(954) 806-8984


(865) 657-3033

Treasurer Linda Bailey (865)-657-3713
Secretary Gail Link (865) 657-3014
 Past President John Bordelon (704) 236-6232
Standing Committee Chairs
At Large
John Bologna (865)-657-9036
Government Liaison – Loudon County Mark Kovar (847)-209-6961
Government Liaison – Monroe County Don Hageman (423) 884-3501
Neighborhood Watch Ken Litke (508)-509-0895
HOA Welcome Orientation Susan Kimball (248) 534-0340
Liaisons and Appointees to the HOA Board
Liaison from the TV Public Library/Friends of the Library Nina Wise (423) 884-6120
Liaison from the New Villagers Club Michael Althar (321)720-8018