Highway 444 Resurfacing Update August 2017

The HOA/POA TDOT Liaison Committee recently met with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to discuss the design specifications and highway improvements which will be made next year to Highway 444 (Tellico Parkway).  The state funding for the project has been approved but the start date for the project has not been set yet.

The Liaison Committee has proposed a number of improvements including additional turning lanes and increasing the capacity of existing left turn lanes, in particular at high volume intersections; a review of passing zones and Right of Way clearing to improve lines of sight, particularly in areas with potential hazards and frequent deer strikes; shoulder improvements; and traffic flow at high volume intersections.  TDOT will give its final approval of these improvements within the next couple of months.

Next year TDOT will plan to do all of the resurfacing work at night to minimize the impact of lane closures.  The work period will extend from 7PM to 6AM Sunday through Thursday.  The resurfacing will take about two weeks.  Follow up work such as striping and sign replacement will take an additional week.

The Liaison Committee will publish further updates as TDOT provides more information.


Amanda Snowden, TDOT District 1 Operations Director, listens as Dick Sawinski of Tellico Village describes a problem area along the right of way




TDOT representatives visited Tellico Village recently to meet with the HOA/POA TDOT Liaison Committee and discuss plans for the resurfacing of HWY 444