Your HOA is aware of comments and concerns regarding the placement and appearance of banners at various locations around Tellico Village.

The HOA depends on these banners to provide a reminder of key HOA events that are of value to Tellico Village residents.

In order to improve aesthetics along the roadways throughout Tellico Village, the HOA will limit the time that the banners are displayed and monitor their appearance.

The HOA has initiated a policy covering the duration and care of banners. This new policy is:

  • Banner displays will be limited to a maximum of a two week period in advance of each General Meeting, Welcome Orientation or other special event.
  • Banners will be promptly removed following an event.
  • Banners size will be approximately 36”x48”.
  • Banners will be securely attached to rigid posts so that they remain neat in appearance. Banners will be monitored in order to maintain a quality appearance.

The HOA encourages other organizations in the Village who utilize banners to exercise similar care and minimize their use wherever possible.

If a particular HOA banner location is unsightly or needs attention, please contact your HOA; we will promptly investigate the banner issue.

As an important voice of homeowners in Tellico Village, your HOA looks forward to serving all homeowners for the enjoyment of Tellico Village.


Effective June, 2016