HOA Policies That Pertain to HOA Social Events

Solicitation and Allocation of Space at HOA Socials and Events

Generally, organizations that are not part of the HOA organization are prohibited from attending HOA Social meetings. However, if they request space ahead of time and the HOA board feels that an organization provides a benefit to the HOA or to Tellico Village, exceptions can be made. Non HOA activities will be allocated space in the downstairs bar area. This is to allow plenty of space for HOA activities and to avoid any confusion about who is sponsoring an event.

Groups wishing to have a table at an HOA Social meeting must submit a written request 10 days prior to the event. The VP of Social will review the request and, if appropriate, submit it to the HOA President for approval. Space will be provided if it is available. If the Bar area becomes too crowded, the VP of Social will establish a rotation cycle, for example, every other month for some organizations.

No group or event may be allocated space during an HOA meeting or event on either the event floor or the annex (bar area) if the purpose of the group or event is primarily commercial, political, charitable or religious in nature.

The HOA Board has made the following exception to allow the following type of groups table space at an HOA Social meeting. The VP can at his/her discretion allocate space within the main meeting area if it is available.

  1. Tellico Village amenities (i.e. Village activities supported by POA assessments) may be provided event floor tables at HOA Socials to promote membership or sell tickets to events open to Tellico Village residents.
  2. Tellico Village organizations with a direct link or providing a direct benefit (i.e. discounted event tickets) to home owners or the HOA may be provided an event floor table at HOA Socials. Examples include the Tellico Village Fire Department, the Friends of the Tellico Village Library, the Tellico Village Community Theater, COPS, and Neighborhood Watch.
  3. Tellico Village Service organizations wishing to have an awareness activity to promote membership in their organization may be provided a table in the bar area annex at HOA Socials. This activity shall be limited to three groups at each Social. Approved groups many not sell event tickets or solicit donations.

Reservations and Cancellations


  1. To attend an HOA event you must be a current member of the HOA
  2. For events held at the Yacht Club, such as the Christmas Gala, reservations will only be accepted at the HOA Social initially, and after that reservations can be made by phone or email. Payment by check is due at the time of reservation.
  3. Members of the HOA Social Committee are allowed to sign-up for events prior to the HOA Socials as they are usually busy during the meeting.


  1. Cancellations must be made with the event chair before the cancellation deadline.
  2. No checks will be returned after the cancellation date.
  3. If an individual cannot attend an event, and the cancellation date has passed, they are still financially responsible for the tickets/reservation.
  4. A wait list for the event is usually kept for people who did not sign up in time or if there were not enough tickets. It is up to the individual to contact the event chair to obtain the wait list in order to identify someone to purchase the tickets.
  5. If someone is willing to purchase the tickets (or reservation) it is up to them to reimburse the individual holding the tickets

March 10, 2016