Your HOA is participating in TellicoLife, in order to bring you many on-line member conveniences, including …

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Your On-Line HOA Profile* contains vital information like your address, phone number and e-mail address.

  • Through TellicoLife, you can view and maintain your HOA Profile.
  • Your profile is always secured – your TellicoLife Username and Password are required to access it.
  • AND… when you make changes to your profile, you automatically change your profile information in all other TellicoLife participating clubs.   This is because we are now sharing one data base.
  •  You change it ONCE, and its updated everywhere!
*Requires Login

HOA Membership Status*

  • Ever wonder if you have renewed your HOA Membership?
  • Through your secured access to TellicoLife, you can now check the status of your HOA Membership.
*Requires Login

Join or Renew your HOA Membership*

TellicoLife gives us the capability to offer you on-line membership – join or renew your annual membership easily, securely, and pay by check or credit card.


  • A 5% non-refundable convenience fee is added to credit card transactions.
  • For HOA membership, that 50 cents, less than the cost of a stamp and envelope!
  • Your credit card information is never stored on TellicoLife, and your credit card transaction is protected by the same security standards as used by the credit card industry.
*Requires Login

Membership Directory

  • Find your friends in Tellico Village
  • The TellicoLife directory provides you search access to the name, and picture of your friends in Tellico Village.
  • Your profile is secured – only you can see more than name and picture  (and you can opt out of that display if you choose to do so)
  • Access the Membership Directory from TellicoLife > Quicklinks Menu > Membership Directory
*Requires Login

 Social Community

So you find someone in the directory that you want to contact, but don’t have their phone or email? Just send them a secure message in TellicoLife, and start to make a connection with them!

Access the Social Community functions from the Membership Directory

*Requires Login

Calendar of Events

The HOA is now maintaining our calendar of events on TellicoLife.  You can access that calendar the same way you always have – from the HOA Calendar page.  OR from TellicoLife.

  • The HOA calendar is open for all to view, you don’t need to be an HOA member to view the calendar
  • Are you a member of multiple TellicoLife participating clubs?  Ex. New Villagers, Computer Users Club(TVCUC). Then you can view their calendar of events at the same time on TellicoLife.

Event Sign Ups*

Finally, you say! You have been asking for on-line event sign-ups for a while now.  Its finally here!

We open on-line event sign ups after the first social where the event is offered.  This give preference to the folks who attend the social, and the convenience of on-line sign up for those who are unable to attend the social.

If the event fills up at the social, on line sign ups are not offered.

Many events will also offer the option to pay by credit card.
Events paid by credit card will include a  5% non refundable convenience fee.

And one last thing about events — did you ever forget if you signed up for an event or not?  Well, through TellicoLife, you have several ways to find out.

  • View the calendar entry for the event.  Towards the bottom, it may have a Click Here button to see who is registered.
  • OR from My Profile > My Submissions you can view all the events you have signed up for and check to see that you have paid for the event.
*Requires Login

And there will be more to come….

Check back here frequently, as we are just getting started with TellicoLife.

Thank you!  As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback.  Let us know how we are doing!


Your 2017 HOA Board