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June 19, 2017 0

Happy Summertime Everyone …. Here’s hoping the 90 degree days are few and far between.  Well, we can hope can’t we? With the start of summertime here, our lifestyles change and so do the social […]

HOA Calendar

Our Calendar has moved! Click the new HOA Calendar menu above for your link to the HOA Calendar on TellicoLife. Why change? Because, in the very near future, we will be able to offer you on-line event registration and payment by check or credit card. So for now, we hope you like our new calendar format.


From the Board

TellicoLife Update – May 2017

May 13, 2017 0
In March we announced our plans to introduce TellicoLife.  We are ready to launch!  Beginning on Thursday, May 18th we will begin sending out the TellicoLife Member Portals. These will be sent out to you [...]

Our Mission

Deliver value to Tellico Village homeowners through informative and engaging programs, while promoting social fellowship, civic responsibility, and providing a ‘voice’ for homeowner concerns.

Hello HOA!

TellicoLife is available now! Click on our logo above to visit us at Questions? Contact us at

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January 2, 2017 2

Click here to join or renew your 2017 HOA Membership and support the organization that supports you. The HOA is your voice in all matters affecting Tellico Village property values, infrastructure, lifestyle and social environment.  The work […]


#FF0000 Raised 1,820 towards the 2,000 target.

We are close to our goal of 2,000 members for 2017. Click on the picture above to join HOA.

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  • Hugh and Becky Moore January 24, 2017 at 11:18 am on Click Here to Join or RenewIs there a way to check our current membership in HOA?
  • Webmaster January 24, 2017 at 11:54 am on Click Here to Join or RenewGreat question. Unfortunately, not at the present time... but soon. That capability is coming in Apr