Tellico Village Organizations HomeOwners Association (HOA)

The Tellico Village HOA provides for your long term service and social needs. Differing from the New Villagers, the HOA provides numerous services for its members including homeowner representation to the POA and its working committees, the local governments, the TVA and TDOT, the Nei
ghborhood as well as organizing the Neighborhood Watch program. In addition to services provided the HOA organizes numerous social activities and events each month for the members. The HOA is the voice of residents on all matters both service and social that affect all who live in Tellico Village. Membership is open to all residents of the village and you must join this group each year to remain active and receive the HOA factual and timely communications on issues that affect y our property values, infrastructure, lifestyle and social environment. 

 New Villagers (NV)

The New Villagers Club was established to assist new residents in their transition during the first 2 years in the village. The club’s mission is purely social and provides new residents with the opportunity to develop new friendships, to learn about the area and to share the new experience of all
things Tellico Village.

Property Owner Association (POA)

As a property owner, each household is automatically a member of the POA. Each of us pays a monthly assessment to the POA which they use to ourses, restaurants, marinas, recreation facilities, and the TVVFD and public safety. It also plans and implements new amenities. The POA is like the municipal government in the cities that most of us came from. It is responsible for the governance of Tellico Village.  The POA maintains, improves and manages the village’s infrastructure, including  the facilities, water and sewer systems and amenities like golf.  

  • Submit a message to Truth Be Told ( or call (865) 458-7088.
    Truth Be Told is for rumor control, not to report problems. If you have a problem, call the appropriate POA department.
  • To sign up to receive the Tell-E-Gram, send a message to Patty Robichaud.


The New Villager’s Club, the HOA and the POA perform different functions. While NV is purely social organization and the POA is a governance function, the HOA serves a broader role as a homeowner advocate, educator and promoter of the Tellico lifestyle. Active membership in each organization is complementary to the other and will enhance your experience in the village.