So how do I get started with TellicoLife?

All you need is a TellicoLife Username and Password to access the secured parts of TellicoLife. (ex, your profile, or to sign up for an HOA Event).

  • All HOA members are pre-registered for TellicoLife.
    • When you join HOA, or any of the other participating clubs, you are automatically registered in TellicoLife.
    • TellicoLife is not managed by the POA.  It is managed by the participating clubs.
    • Click here for TellicoLife Member Login at
  • Forgot your Username?
    • Click here if you forgot your Username
    • You will be asked to enter the email associated with your HOA membership.
    • In most cases you will receive an email back from TellicoLife with your Username within 15 minutes or less.
    • If you entered an email that is not registered with TellicoLife, you may not receive an email response.
    • If you share the same email with someone else (your spouse, perhaps), the TellicoLife administrator will need to provide your Username.  Click here to contact the TellicoLife administrator.
  • Forgot your Password?
    • Click here if you forgot your Password -or- if you need to set your password for the first time.
    • Only you know your password – it was not provided with your initial registration.
  • Need Help with TellicoLife?

Thank you!  As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback.  Let us know how we are doing!


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